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Once i read in a book, that people should never make any decision when they are mad. Definetely one of the wisest thing i’ve read in my life. When you are mad you usually have more of a negative perspective of everything and most times only few things are really concsiously thought and taken into consideration, in few words people just act by impulses and later on regret their taken decision. However there is a specific moment in your life, when you’re so trapped and blinded by an ilusion that only those anger times and negative visions will open your eyes, burst your imaginary sweet bubble and give you the necessary guts to step outside the big fat lie you’ve been living in and encourage you to accept something you’ve been avoiding, REALITY . So in that short period of time when you are completely mad, a short movie passes in front your eyes. All those things you hate, all the bullshit you’ve been bearing, all the stupid details you actually did notice but always thought “c’mon is nothing, you’re overreacting”, (well let me tell you my friend, they did were something, because if they weren’t you wouldn’t even remind them), yeah all the little and big stuff turn into a giant snowball that grows every minute you replay that fucking short in your head. STOP, press STOP now! You’re only hurting yourself, its not worth it; dont worry at least now you have knowledge of that particular movie that you had stored anywhere at your “hide PLEASE too sad to be truth” files. You’ve watched reality right? Probably in a weird rage induced epiphany but at least, you’ve seen it, you can now SLEEP! What? Sleep? Really? Yes, really, calm down everything is going to be all right you’ve just experienced a common choleric episode, so now you need to rest, or do something else that will keep you distracted and will help you to get in a better mood. Once you are okay, do not replay but just analyze the short briefly, in an impartial way, putting aside what you felt before, just think and reconsider a few things, are you being more happy or unhappy?, do you really think he/she is the right person? Whatever you are doing, was it what you had in mind, does it really satisfies you? Are you really okay with it? Reality sometimes sucks and an eye opening experience can be often hard and dissapointing but is really necessary to have both sides of the coin. After all this
“Coin study”, make a decision, a wise one, one you won’t regret, one that will make you better, one that will make you happier.

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